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May 18 - Fanboy & Fangirl Pick Best Kpop Songs for America
With so many artists tackling the Japanese market this year, other artists have tried or plan to make the bold step by breaking into the seemingly impenetrable American music industry. American mainstream music currently consists of upbeat, catchy pop and dance songs with a sprinkling of memorable slower-tempo songs.

What K-pop songs do you think would make it big if they were released in America?

June 12 - Fanboy & Fangirl's Rookie Roundup 2011: Halftime Report
The first half of 2011 saw so many new K-pop debuts that one could truly wonder where the entertainment companies found them all. (Raiding orphanages?)

This season's crop yielded a wide variety of ambitious concepts, styles and talents to varying levels of success. We've had everything from cutting-edge hip hop to classic pop, from raunchy leather costumes to chaste white dresses, from cringe-inducing screeches to soaring vocals. It's dog eat dog world out there in K-pop these days, and these rookies mean to survive.

June 19 - Fanboy & Fangirl review f(x)'s "Hot Summer" & BEAST's "Fiction" MVs
As we make our way into the hot summer tracks (pun may or may not be intended), we say goodbye to one of the biggest songs this year from BEAST, and we move onto what will become another huge success for f(x) with their newest release "Hot Summer" straight from their repackaged album.

On one hand, "Fiction" shows a more melodic side of BEAST, who seem to have matured musically; on the other, we have f(x)'s "Hot Summer", which brings a fresh, flavorful side to the girls and nicely transitions to the new season of music.

Hello readers!

Here are Fanboy & Fangirl's collected Koreaboo editorials from March and April of 2011, linked here for easy reference. April was a pretty dry month for us, wasn't it? Never fear, dear readers, we'll be back with new thoughts and criticisms soon!

March 20 - Fanboy & Fangirl discuss funniest and worst English lyrics
When I first started listening to K-Pop, the first thing I noticed was the random sprinkling in of English. Personally, I like it. It gives me something to sing along to. It's easier than going out of my way to learn the Korean lyrics. However, there are always the songs that have English lyrics which are either awful or just plain hilarious.
- (This is an edited version of the article already on the Fanboy vs. Fangirl blog)

March 22 - Fanboy & Fangirl discuss "pushing boundaries" in K-pop
These days, with the music industry being highly saturated and competitive in all markets, artists are feeling the pressure to not only be recognized but also be remembered. Some people say that any kind of publicity including "bad" is considered good publicity. With the world at a constant transformation, artists are "pushing the boundaries" more in their performances, music videos, and image to help gain more exposure. Why is that though? What is the driving force behind it?

March 26 - Fanboy & Fangirl Talk About When Bad Hair Happens To Good People
Today, Fanboy and I would like to discuss one of the great tragedies that has afflicted K-pop artists since the first K-pop note was sung: Bad Hair.
Yes, Bad Hair can happen to anybody. Even the most handsome and beautiful of K-pop artists have been known to be stricken with Bad Hair from time to time.

April 15 - Fanboy & Fangirl review Big Bang's "Love Song" music video
Big Bang's most recent music video is an ambitious endeavor, involving special cameras imported to Korea just for the MV, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a stylized artistic appearance not often seen in K-pop.
The camera work is nothing short of beautiful, driving and floating about the scene in an extremely complicated set-up that must have involved lots of cranes and wires. Incredibly, the entire music video is done in one shot.

Fanboy (DareDB) & Fangirl (MrCKDexter)

Exciting news, my fan boys and girls!

As some of our readers have already noticed, a few days ago Fanboy & Fangirl published our "Funniest and Worst English Lyrics" article on Koreaboo. The response was so encouraging that Fanboy and I have decided to make the move to Koreaboo permanent.

That's right, Fanboy and I have regular editorial spot on Koreaboo, one of the biggest K-pop news sites online!

We will no longer update this blog, but we will keep the FB/FG twitter open to re-tweet the Fanboy & Fangirl editorials on Koreaboo, and update you all with our upcoming posts.

I won't say good-bye, because this is only the beginning, right? All my love to the readers who have supported us in the short time this blog has been open. It's been only a little over a month, can you believe it? I hope you will continue to read our editorials on Koreaboo and leave us your thoughtful and insightful comments.

Any closing thoughts, Fanboy?


Yes, and as most idols say, "Please continue to support us!" Your positive feedback and insightful comments will always be appreciated. It'll help us continue to provide you all with a great and worthwhile read every time. Thank you all for reading, and we shall be reading from you in the future!

Oh, and if you ever have any topic ideas, please let us know.

Fanboy (DareDB) & Fangirl (MrCKDexter)

Currently one of our favorite rookie groups, Infinite recently released their comeback music video for their single album Inspirit.

After watching this video, I have realized that the Infinite boys are no one-trick-pony. I personally think they're some of the best dancers out there right now and without a doubt, one of the best rookies in this competitive K-Pop market.

For this MV, the boys toned down their intricate dance moves to suit a more pleasant song. Kind of like what Super Junior did for "No Other" after their aggressive "Bonamana" choreography. Despite the light dance moves, Infinite still brought it. These boys are almost always in-sync (Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I've seen them not in-sync). The music video did remind me of Super Junior's "It's You" (one of my favorite music videos) and how it was shot in one take. I very much enjoyed the direction of this video. It's unfortunate that they made member Sungyeol pretty much emo here, and giving him no singing parts to add salt to wounds. He got more face-time, I guess.

There was one part that really bothered me though. At 1:30 in the MV, rapper Dongwoo rapped, "I think about you all day long..." as he was looking at and grabbing Sungyeol. Hmm... let's just say that if this MV was released in America, Americans would get the wrong impression of the boys. Since I'm sort of used to seeing these sort of things in K-Pop, I've realized that this is a part of their culture. Sadly, not everyone understands that, so the trolls have expressed their thoughts on the YouTube video's comments. Sigh.

All in all, I enjoyed this MV. I very much respect Infinite and will continue to support them with the hope that they continue to rise in popularity. They deserve more attention than what they're currently getting. This music video is miles better than what else is out there in K-Pop. Easily one of the standouts in 2011. Props to Infinite!


I really enjoyed this music video. It manages to be adorable but not cloying. The video also has an interesting homemade, artsy style that is almost unheard-of in K-pop. The walls of toilet paper rolls, corridors of white boxes, and the signs of cardboard and tape lend the MV a creative, child-like flair. If you watch closely, you'll see the first half of the video isn't actually one take, and in fact some of the cuts are quite jarring. This bothered me at first, but then I began to appreciate it for the weird, hallucinatory quality it adds to the video.

I have no idea what's going on in that final scene of the five remaining boys in the parking lot, but I love it. I wonder how planned out it was? It feels surprisingly authentic and spontaneous. And adorable.

Infinite is looking more and more like the next big thing to me. With their colorful SHINee pants and their fluffy mops of hair, I can see the noona fans falling for these guys like dominoes (maybe like bed dominoes?). They really are incredibly synchronized dancers - to the point where I wonder if their choreographer gets out a meter stick whenever they have dance practice. ("No Hoya, you have to lift your foot 5 cm higher!")

And speaking of wrong impressions, did anyone notice that tushy grab at 1:47? Yeah, I really don't have anything coherent to say about that, I just wanted to point it out.

Anyway! Yes, it's Infinite "Nothing's Over", nifty music video, watch it and then tell us -

What did you think of the music video?


When I saw the teaser for "Before U Go", I let loose a fangirl squeal like you would not believe. (I think this tumblr post describes it better than I could express in words here.)

However the music video didn't thrill me as much as I hoped it would. I was hoping for something on the scale of Zhangliyin's "Timeless" or the TRAX's "초우"- music videos so huge and epic, they come in parts. Instead, SM delivered a five minute long (or should I say short?) mini movie. In order to pack it all in, they made the cuts very quick, and a lot of emotional impact is lost. For instance at 2:50, Yunho - hobbled on crutches - realizes that it was his friend Choi Jong Yoon who shot him. Emotional impact? Zip. You hardly have time to even realize what has happened.

SM could have drawn this out, releasing part 1 and driving fans into a frenzy as they anticipated part 2. The question is, why didn't they? They clearly had the footage to pull it off. And what about Go Ara's character? The romance that was hinted at in the teaser (Ara setting a table for two) isn't even touched on in the MV.

On the plus side, Yunho and Changmin look absolutely fantastic. I'm loving the suits and leather jackets. Yunho looks like such a BAMF taking out those evil cronies, it's almost enough to send me into peals of fangirl squeals again. (Did you all catch the flow-mo shot at 4:07?). Here's hoping we get to see more of that when Poseidon finally airs.

I think I ought to mention the cinematography too. How about that gorgeous shot of Jong Yoon in his assassin gear reflected in the urban pane of windows? Or that damp rooftop with a foggy cityscape in the background? Pretty gorgeous stuff.

Alrighty, Fanboy, what was your take on the music video?


Like Fangirl, I had my own my sort of squeal when I saw the teaser, but for different reasons. I was mainly excited at the fact that SM was going to release a story-based music video. Do you know how rare that is for them?! I was like, "Oh my god, now they're going to start competing with YG on epic story MVs!" Hmm... well... sadly, that wasn't really the case.

For some reason, I feel like this video got a lot cut from it on the editing floor and was rushed to premiere just so Cassies could get their TVXQ fix. Actually, I personally believe that SM will release an extended version of this MV later on so we can get understand the full story. So much seemed to be cut that it was sort of difficult to grasp, and then boom, it was over. They should have had a longer intro to help set the background story, and then have a break in the song to further the story with another cut scene, etc.

Other than that, I did actually like the MV. But for me to love it, I need to also love the song. Unfortunately, the song just does not excite me. Sigh. This was all very "Hot Times" reminiscent, and I didn't like that song either (or the MV). Side note: it seems that Apple is doing product placement in K-Pop now too. Notice the in-your-face promotion of the iPhone? *rolls eyes*

I'm no fashion expert here, but I found Changmin's feather-collared outfit to be so out of place. This MV was all serious and has the boys working in crime. Why on earth would Max be running around in ethereal attire like that?! And, I'm just not feeling Yunho's bowl cut. Spike it or something. He looks so plain. But then again, it is sort of appropriate for the business.

Now on to my favorite parts! Oh man, the action! I about fell out of my chair when I saw HoMin showcase their action star skills. If you guys like to know, there are two things I'm a sucker for: Hardcore action and hardcore dancing. So yeah, this was a total win. In the end, I have decided that Yunho and Changmin need to be cast for Ninja Assassin 2: Rain, U-Know, and Max Kick Ass. I smell a summer blockbuster smash!

What did you think of the music video?

As I was watching the CN Blue teaser for "First Step" yesterday, I was prompted to tweet the following:
I think having non-Asian people appear in Korean MVs will only stop being awkward when there are non-Asian people in the bands too...

Coming from a non-Asian background and a country that is multicultural, the appearance of non-Asians in Korean music videos is often an awkward affair for me. The actors are never more than ornamental.

I'm having a hard time putting my finger on exactly what bugs me about this. After all, aren't background actors and extras "ornamental" in every music video?


Living in America, all my life I have always been exposed to multiple races. With that, I've exposed myself to become more accustomed to seeing ethnicity more often. Actually, I often find myself thinking some idols are white. But now that I think about it, I think K-Pop is trying to do that on purpose, because on stage, some of the artists are made up looking sort of Western sometimes to me in their facial features. (Oh, but not the attire. Just the face...)

So what I'm getting at, I believe that since I come from an area that prides itself on a multicultural background and that I am used to witnessing multiple races at once, seeing non-Asians in K-Pop MVs almost goes unnoticeable to me. And frankly, I'm not bothered by it. I don't think it's forced. On the contrary, natives of the Eastern side of the world might not be in the same boat. When they see a foreigner, they see a foreigner. That's why they're like, "Woah! A white chick!"

I have noticed that YG is starting implement non-Asians in their MVs more lately. I attribute this to possibly since they (and the rest of world) are becoming more global. As we all know, K-Pop is gaining immense popularity outside of Korea and reaching places like where I am: Texas! (That's a big deal). Thank you, Internet!

But as Fangirl pointed out, most of the non-Asians in MVs are pretty much objects. The only Asian MV that I can think of where a non-Asian played a central role was BoA's "Quincy". There was creepy white guy that stuck out like a sore thumb in that MV. Then again, no Asian parents would ever name their child Quincy, so there you go, Wonderbread served a purpose.

All in all, I think we as a world are becoming more connected thanks to the Internet. As our cultures start to seep into each other, I believe we will all become more accustomed to anomalies such as multicultural MVs. I honestly don't know how long this sort of transformation will take, but it's happening as we speak. The change is inevitable.


So I took some time to think about why non-Asians appearing in Korean music videos bothers me. I think it's my tendency to over-analyze. When a foreigner is cast when it is obviously easier to cast a Korean, my mind automatically wonders "Why?"

Take H.O.T.'s "Candy", for instance. In the music video, the five (rather primary-colored) boys of H.O.T. attempt to charm a white woman with their cute singing antics. I automatically begin to wonder about the implications. Why is the actress white? Because white women are thought be harder to woo? Because white women are more desirable?

How about the black security guard in CN Blue's teaser? Does the fact that he is black make him seem "tougher"? And so when the CN Blue boys dispatch him with pepper spray, that makes them especially badass?

I had the same reaction when watching GD & TOP's "High High" music video. My first gut reaction upon seeing all the white people was "Yay, white people can join the K-pop party too! Woo-hoo!" But as I continued watching, I couldn't help thinking, "What's with all the white chicks? Are there cultural implications here?" (Mixtapes and Linernotes explores this issue more in depth than I could in this post - recommended reading! EDIT: Response from Mixtapes and Linernotes here)

I'm curious how are readers feel about this issue. What do you think when you see non-Asians in Korean music videos?